Happy Customer!

Hello Matthew!
How are you?

The package arrived perfectly on Thursday! The FedEx guy is superb he talks to me like he knew me all my life!
I’m writing to thank you for your great service with me. The company should be proud to have someone like you with them!
I wanted to also thank you for the free Sam Ash 90th Anniversary T-Shirt! It was really unexpected and a great surprise!
I’m highly grateful and will wear it proudly!

It will be a little while since I can make a new purchase, but I will buy again from you soon.
The next ”BIG” item on the list is a Cordoba C10 Guitar. I need to start saving all over again to make the investment.
Some items may be purchased along the way but that would be the main goal.

I express you my gratitude and hope to maintain in touch with you across time.

Take care Matthew!
Good health and best wishes for you always!