I received the most wonderful service from Sam Ash, a few months ago, from a young lady named Sharon. She was a rockstar!

I purchased a music stand for my son and did lots and lots of research. After my purchase I saw her and asked a lot of questions because my son wandered over to check out another part of the store. She was professional, kind and answered all our questions. She even engaged my 12-year-old son. And let’s be honest, most employees, kind of a ignore children. But not Sharon. She was an angel. We were most pleased and felt like we made a great purchase. We definitely will be returning.

Thanks again for hiring such fabulous people like Sharon. She was definitely a true find and an outstanding employee. We were pleased and will tell all our friends about the fabulous Sam Ash Music Store on Sunset.

(Also when I spoke to the GM Bill Buffa he was AWESOME and so easy to talk to. It all made sense because I sincerely believe GREAT leadership, inspires GREAT people. And clearly Bill is an outstanding leader!)

Always my best,