Good morning,

My name is Bernie S. and I just purchased a new guitar through Sam Ash Direct. I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollar on guitars – left handed guitars to be exact – over the last 30 years and I’ve never had a better purchasing experience than the one today. To put it bluntly, Paul Winch did an awesome job. I’m a sales consultant and understand the most important thing we can do with any new contact is work to establish a comfortable relationship. Within 5 minutes of talking to Paul, he established the feeling he was working to help me find exactly what I needed without any undue pressure to close the deal. I firmly believe in the maxim, “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” Paul made me absolutely love spending money with Sam Ash today.

My hope is Paul will be recognized for his contribution to your companies success. My purchase today was small – less than $1,000.00 – but I can assure you, I will spend much more with Sam Ash based solely on my experience with Paul. I’ll also spread the word about the experience I had today. It’s great to know there are still companies with professionals like Paul Winch on staff.

Sincerely & Gratefully,