Good Morning Richard,

My name is Evan, and I am writing to you to express my positive experiences over the past year, with one of your sales reps at Philadelphia Mills Sam Ash Store #49. In early January of 2015, I made the decision to take my passion for music into a business as a mobile DJ. And after doing some research, I decided that the Sam Ash store #49 was within driving distance from my home. This is how I meet Jason Colucci, who at this point has spent hours thought out the year assisting me in purchasing what I needed to start my mobile Dj business versus selling me random products that are not considered essential to my mobile DJ business. Today, as a result I am averaging 4-6 paid parties a month, all of which I have received positive customer reviews due to simplicity of using the Pioneer DDJSX-2 and the quality sound of the speakers that Jason helped me select.
In short, I wanted to take a minute to highlight your employee Jason, because due to his friendly customer services, patience, and work ethic I have returned to Sam Ash store #49 again and again. And while I must add that at times those prices of online competitors appear to be a better bargain than Sam Ash store prices, it is the personal relationship with Jason that makes it worth paying the extra few bucks for the excellent customer services, hands on approach, and years of experience that Jason provides.  On a side note: something that you cannot purchase online is what Jason did this past Saturday. Jason offered to stop by for a few minutes at the place where I was spinning and he listened to my equipment live and this morning he made some recommendations to further improve my set-up. Now that’s what I call customer service!!
In closing, I want to say that I truly appreciate the quality products that I have purchased at the Sam Ash store #49, and thank you to Jason for his excellent customer service. Hey Sam Ash I will see you during my next purchase of the item that Jason recommended (Dbx goRack performance Processor DGORACKXX-P) Count on it!