George, Phil and crew,

Thank you for the consideration with my purchase of the CHAUVET Light Swarm 5X.

Thanks to Phil for recommending it! I used it the next night at a party. Knew not to bring the laser down onto the dance floor. Eight years ago, kids playing with a hand held laser at a Confirmation party at Snuffy’s Pantagis, shot it into my right eye. Cost me $700 in Eye Doctor bills. Nine days with a patch. Parents, old friends, refused to pay!! Haven’t called, recommended me, since. Not even a Christmas card.

Had the Swarm playing the ceiling! I spent most of the evening watching the various permutations and combinations! Beautiful. Thank you, Phil!!

I was thinking about buying a new AMP! Been having problems with the 10 year old Peavey. Or was I? Thought it might be the Equalizer. Took the whole system apart. Cleaned all the contacts. Opened the amp to check the 1/4 inch speaker contacts. Have a cable check box. All A-Okay! Ran the whole system in my mother’s garage at a pretty high level with the door closed for over 6 hours!!! No problems!!!!?????

Gotta’ come in and get a new wireless mic to replace my OOOLLD VEGA. I think that may be where the interference/loud static/pink noise may be dropping in.

What I really gotta’ do is buy all the materials, interfaces etc. . . to set up my long overdue DAW!!! I have the the Electro-Voice RE20 I bought from youse geis several years ago. I gotsta’ Sound Proof and work in the room!! Do you have any idea how many commercials I haven’t done because I don’t have the proper accustics!! It’s amazing how many Professionl Recording Studios have closed because of the Home DAW. I love going to Pro Studios.

If I didn’t hate the lack of sound on Mp3s so much I would buy the whole upgrade to computer Pioneer/Traktor system. So much easier carrying a briefcase rather than my monster!
I have all the software. I have the laptop. So hate the sound!! There is nothing there!!!

It’s been a lotta’ years I have been visiting youse geis at Sam Ash in Springfield. Thank you, the whole staff, and all who came before, for your kindness, consideration, and professionalism!