It’s with  great pleasure and my utmost integrity to write this letter commending and recognizing your employees who operate and work for The Sam Ash Music store located on Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a small business owner and medical professional , I feel my opinions are earnest and truthful.

In September of 2015, a friend of mine recommended to me to compare the pricing of a Gibson Les Paul vs a market competitor – Guitar Center.
My initial desire to begin playing guitar after almost a 35 year layoff was quite surprising as the choices for guitars were abundant .

The Sam Ash store located on Maryland Parkway was close to Sunrise Hospital upon where most of my clinical Anesthesiology practice is located.
I met Brent Powell after calling ahead to set an appointment to discuss the various options and styles of both guitars and and amplifiers.
Not only did I find Brent extremely knowledgeable and extraordinarily patient in answering all of my questions – Brent actually had suggested several Sam Ash music instructors who were available to help me begin lesson programs.
The competitor .. Guitar Center was only interested in selling me a guitar . Brent made me feel as a true customer by helping me find the correct instrument.
Sam Ash was offering a musical concept consisting of:
Individualized guitar lessons and
Group lessons
Packages which included guitar service maintenance.

Brent actually sat with me and patiently allowed me to try various guitar and amplifier styles until we found a proper fit .
I found Brent Powell to be extremely honest. Since I haven’t priced musical instruments I was afraid of being taken advantage of.

Vince Hice and Jeff Young  are both sales associates as well as equipment maintenance geniuses. Jeff Young has provided service maintenance for my guitars purchased at Sam Ash. Jeff’s depth of knowledge of guitar repair and maintenance is extremely deep. Jeff provides great honest , professional customer service upon which the foundation of Sam Ash begun nearly a century ago.

Vince Hice, a sales associate always takes the time to answer and return a phone call.
Note , I said return phone messages . Vince is very knowledgeable about guitars, amplifiers- the setup including guitar effects pedals.
Vince is very affable and extremely helpful .. And honest . There has never been an issue with an exchange or refund .
Vince, Brent, and Jeff Young have saved me countless hours of frustration by answering my myriad questions , phone calls , and details in setting up my guitars, amplifiers and effect pedals

Lastly , Dana Trueman and Steve Bonacci.

Dana is both a friend and guitar instructor . It was Dana upon which I began my journey playing a musical instrument which was abandoned 35 years ago in 1982. Dana’s instruction allowed me to develop the confidence to enjoy a hobby which has provided me profound happiness, commitment,  as well to develop relationships with new friends including Steve Bonacci.

Dana will always answer questions involving instruction – both in person and on the phone. Dana has a unique ability to pair like minded individual together in their quest to play live music- at the novice level.
It was Dana’s instruction which allowed me to have the confidence to play live in “Rock Band” March 17 in front of approximately 60 friends, family members , and complete strangers.
With personalized guidance as well as personalized Rock Band instruction by Sam Ash teacher , Steve Bonacci- the Rock Band concept is enjoyable fun- I feel like a 16 year old once again- but sound like a seasoned amateur .
Steve has been paramount to ensuring that our “Rock Band” is well rehearsed and most importantly .. Fun.
Steve actually helps to arrange our practice rehearsals including myself and 2 Sam Ash students – Steve M. Whom plays drums and Lilli K. Whom plays bass.
Steve is very patient, organized and knowledgeable with his participation in our rick band rehersals.

In summary , the sales staff, teachers , and management of Sam Ash are worthy to receive what I feel is the highest accolades in professionalism , instruction , and customer service.
Please feel free to contact me for any further comments.