Hello friends at Sam Ash Music:

I can’t remember Jeff’s last name, but he hosts the Wednesday Night Open Mike Night at the Sam Ash Music Cincinnati, Ohio store. I have been a customer with that store for years. But a regular customer for about two years. I have been a student of bass guitar for about four years. BTW, I’m 54 years old. I played percussion in grade school/high school, then also sang in church and in choir at church as an adult.

I was telling “Jeff” that between great instruction from my guitar instructor (a jazz professional himself, great guy named John Toedtman), and opportunities to play on the “stage” at the Cincinnati store, I had the confidence to ask groups and singers at different bars on their open mike nights if I could sit in and play. Man those are exciting times!! I really appreciate the stage at Sam Ash Music store Cincinnati that gave me experience. I would have to encourage you to keep the stage and the evening programs because of the opportunities I’m sure many other people would not have without what you all offer.

Keep up the good work! Sincerely,