Dear Scott,

I have shopped at your Sam Ash store even though I live in St. Petersburg which is a good 45 minute drive plus it costs $2.50 in tolls(round trip).

Recently, I got a great deal on the Sabian HHX xplosions cymbal crash pack featuring a 16″ and an 18″ cymbal and I also bought a Tama Imperialstar Poplar snare(in the last few months). This is what I wanted to say about your store:

You have some very good employees working in the Drum Departments including: Alex Shames and Vincent Tufariello. These guys are the best!! They offer direct customer friendly service and make me feel as though I’m like one of their best customers each and every time I shop at the Sarasota Sam Ash store. They are outstanding individuals and your store is definitely my FAVORITE place to shop!!

I have worked in sales throughout my career and would have to admire both Alex and Vincent for going “all out” being “selfless” and focused on my drumming needs when I am in the store. No other music store in the Southwest Central Florida area offers the same customer friendly service equal to what I receive consistently at the Sam Ash in Sarasota, FL.

Please share this letter with Alex and Vincent. Those guys make shopping a pleasure. I know when I come to the Sarasota store, I’m going to have a GOOD if not GREAT experience. Thanks again!!

Truly yours,