Dear Sam,

It was such a pleasure to talk to you this past Friday regarding your company and one of your exceptional instructors…I’d like to expound more if I may.

Remember that feeling when you saw “The Wizard of Oz” for the first time as a child? I remember it was so amazing to see the film turn from black and white to color…I loved that part. I still love the film, but I take away some life lessons these days. Always try to stay away from the wicked witch and her band of flying monkeys…you can still have courage even though you’re afraid…there’s no place like home (wherever that may be)…and Glinda’s very important message about always having the power within.

My daughter Sarah just turned 16. She had been asking to take guitar lessons for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure she really wanted to learn. Her persistence won out and soon an electric guitar was in her grip. Now what should be done? Does she take some lessons online? Do I purchase some DVDs? A trip was made to my local Sam Ash Music Store in Margate, FL and Sarah met Adam Kole. Sarah had never taken a music lesson before so this was brand new territory. Adam immediately made her feel empowered and excited about learning to play.

Adam is one of those rare teachers…he embodies pure talent while remaining humble. He is a bold, confident motivator, yet kind and warmhearted. The connection he creates with his students is very apparent despite their varying ages and abilities. As we leave each lesson and walk to the car she starts to share what her lesson was like with Adam. His passion for music is contagious and he leaves this positive lasting fingerprint on her brain and in her heart to pursue that passion for herself.

Remember in the movie when Dorothy realized she always had the power within herself? Adam shows Sarah every week a glimpse of that power that’s inside her. Adam has the extraordinary ability to be the conduit and help harness that power that every student has to live a passionate musical life.

So Sam, thank you for your time and thank you for employing such an incredible, awesome instructor like Adam Kole.