Dear Sam Ash Representative,

I had a wonderful experience at your store in the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, CA and I want to let you know about your sales associate named Peter Alvarez. I really can’t tell you how it actually happened, but I went in just browsing around. Not too seriously, but I was considering a travel guitar and had set myself a price limit of $100. He immediately assisted and in just a matter of minutes I felt very informed about what makes a good guitar to have. We actually made our way up from a Fender Squier Mini, to the full size, then started discussing the Epiphones that are on sale. He demonstrated how much fuller the Epiphone SG sounds compared to the ones I was looking at, and even though it was more money than I was willing to spend, I could clearly see that this was the guitar for me. I don’t even have buyers remorse, as I got a great guitar, I met someone who I will look forward to doing business with in the future, and I had a good time while I was there. It was open mic night and I feel as though I might even bring my new guitar in some night and give that a try.

Peter Alvarez made my experience more than just a shopping experience.
I definitely know why I picked this guitar and I’m happy with it. And don’t really feel like I just went to a music store…I feel like I joined a community.