Dear Sam Ash Music,

I am writing to share a “great” experience that I had when purchasing a pre-owned Brian Moore Guitar from our local Sam Ash store (Phoenix). Well, by accident, I was in the mood to purchase a guitar with a syn built in. I made a call to Sam Ash (Phoenix) and spoke with a sales associate who I had many years of dealings with; as we spoke, he said that the only one he had was a Brian Moore; as he turned around to find it, a young man had just purchased it. After a week or so, I happened to be in the store and needed to pick up something from the guitar department. I spoke with Grier and told him how close I came to purchasing a Brian Moore from his store and missed it by one phone call. He turned around and picked one off the shelf! The one that I wanted to purchase was never picked up by the young man. I immediately made the purchase and brought my instrument home (after purchasing the “one year” coverage plan). Well, life keeps people busy, and I let it set for a while. Eventually I picked it up to play it and one of the strings (low E) was not responding. I eventually brought in for repair and picked it up at some time later; here again, life is busy and I did not use it. At some point I picked it up and tried using it and it had the same problem. I do not have dates or a good memory about when I brought it in, but, I did bring it in again for repair. Once again, I let it set and did not get around to use it for some time. Once again, it was not working. At some point, I was going to bring it in and the repair man was out with the flu; then upon his return, he mentioned that he was about 2 weeks behind in repair. So, life gets busy and I waited for several months before bringing it in again. Eventually, I brought it in and it became a bigger challenge for the repair department and not possible to resolve locally. It sat there for many months and I called the repair man and suggested to have it sent to the factory for repair. He agreed and involved management; they were extremely pleasant to work with. Brian Moore suggested a rebuild for 450 dollars ( that was a discount to Sam Ash from 750 dollars). The management offered to pay 250 dollars and I would pay for the balance to up-grade other elements of the guitar. It was a done deal! They sent it out to New York and had it rebuilt and I paid (initially) and was given back the 250 dollars. This process took some time but well worth the delayed action on both of our efforts.

I am extremely grateful to the management for making sure that my purchase was one that I felt good about; they had even offered to purchase the guitar back for what I paid for it (before I offered to pay for some rebuild costs). What could be better then a company that stands behind their products and cares about customer satisfaction? I could not think of a better experience than with Sam Ash. Now I have a like new instrument that is upgraded to the 2015 version of Brian Moore guitars. I must share that the factory was a treat to work with (also); they kept me in the loop of rebuild ideas and product updates. In all it was a great experience with a great end result! Many thanks to Sam Ash for all that they have done to promote customer satisfaction and a great finished product!

Very Satisfied Customer,