Dear Sam Ash Customer Service Department

I am not sure how to contact your individual stores by email and as such would be very grateful if you could pass a huge thank you to the staff in your Richmond, Virginia store, from my husband and me.

My son, who is currently living in the US, contacted your Richmond store earlier this week to see if they had a Slash Gibson guitar in stock. He spoke to an extremely helpful sales assistant who explained the store did not have one in stock but could have one delivered to the store for my son to collect on Friday 8 August. My son explained we could only purchase the guitar if it could definitely be collected that day. As he and his family are about to return to the UK this was the only free day he had to drive to Richmond.

My son contacted the store prior to setting off to find there had been a problem delivering the guitar to the store and unfortunately, it was not actually in the shop. To cut a long story short the staff in the Richmond store then went into overdrive, as having promised that it could be collected on Friday 8 August did everything to ensure my son received it on the promised date.

I would not only like to say thank you for what I can only say was absolutely first class customer service but also a big thank you for making my husband and son two extremely happy people as they are now in receipt of one of the guitars of their dreams!

I would like to extend a special thank you to two staff in particular Nikki (apologies in advance if I have misspelt Nikki’s name) for her help when we all initially placed the order and for ensuring the guitar was delivered on 8 August and also to Sarah for sorting the problem with the delayed delivery to the Richmond store. Their help really was extremely appreciated.

My husband, son and me would certainly have no reservations recommending your company to anyone.

Finally, I would also like to thank the Richmond store for the courtesy call they made to my son to check everyone was happy with the guitar, I can confirm it is a big yes!

Many thank again.

Kind regards