Dear Sam,

I have been a customer of Sam Ash Music since 1963 when I purchased my first guitar at the Hempstead, N.Y. store. I have purchased 16 guitars from Sam Ash over the years, ranging from a Martin 0-18T Tenor guitar (like the Kingston Trio used) to my most recent 2015 Les Paul, with everything in between including 2 Marshall amps, an acoustic bass, and even an original Fuzzz Boxxx. (I wonder if I should cc this email to Carlo Robelli himself?)
I came into the Hollywood store yesterday in search of a Rickenbacker 360/12C63. There was one across the street at Guitar Center for $2300. and I thought I would check to see if you might have one in one of your many stores. I spoke directly with Joe Bailey, the guitar department manager.
Joe was most helpful, and actually found one in Virginia (Store #55). Coincidently, the guitar’s owner was actually there at the time when Joe was asking about the condition and availability of the guitar. Joe asked me how much I would offer to pay for it, and I told him $2300. (same as Guitar Center’s). He was in direct contact with the manager at the Virginia store and told me that they wanted $2400. I accepted that price since buying it in Virginia would obviate the need of paying California sales tax, and thus be the best deal,
I asked how this would work, and Joe said that he would arrange it, get me some pictures of the guitar, and call me back as soon all arrangements were complete. I was very impressed with this level of service. Not having heard from him today, I called the store to see what had been done and verify that this was “in the works”. I was told that Joe was off today and tomorrow and was referred to Bill, the store manager.
Bill was not sure what was happening in regards to this purchase, so I told him to call Joe who would verify what I had just told him in my detailed recap of the arrangements. This he did but when I called him back to see what was going on, he said that the transfer of a used instrument had to be cleared though you.
I called him back 2 hours later and he told me that the transfer was approved pending my complete payment, but, by the way, the price had gone up to $2500.
This is not right. There was offer by Joe and acceptance by me. The price had already been agreed upon. It should not be changed retroactively.
I would like to continue as a Sam Ash customer. After all these years I expect to be treated honorably and with the consistent high quality of service and consideration that has brought me to your store all along.