Dear Sam,

I usually don’t take the time out to write emails or letters like this but I felt I needed to let you know what tremendous “brand ambassadors” you have at your location in Cherry Hill NJ.

I have been a customer of yours for many years and have always enjoyed the service and selection of items in your store. Yesterday I decided to trade in a vintage drum kit that I had not played since my kids (15,17) were born. Traditional drums were too loud and dangerous while the kids were younger and I have been contemplating trading in to an electric kit for a long time.

When I walk into your store in am always greeted by Dan Siri who is consistently a pleasure and always warm and welcoming. After some nice conversation he directed me to your drum specialist Bill Finocciaro who is also an amazing sales person that genuinely makes each customer feel special and important. I had met Bill before and was impressed from the start. Bill helped me with all of my needs and put together a package that was perfect. Besides being an amazing musician he is truly a “great guy” that builds trust and credibility immediately.

I am in the sales and marketing field and know how important it is to have guys like these on the “front line”. Even though there is a competitor to yours less than 20 yards away I felt no impulse to “shop” the deal I was getting as I was and have always enjoyed the interaction with both Dan and Bill. I look forward to frequenting your store more often due to these two guys on your Cherry Hill team.

Please let Dan and Bill know how great they are and what a terrific job they are doing representing the Sam Ash brand.

Warmest regards,