Dear Ryan,

The premier 71 arrived this morning. Very fast. Getting used to controls for optimum harp sound at the moment. .

I was going to take it straight to a tech guy but, when I saw the amp cover which I didn’t expect and the expert packing I just put it in a step down transformer and presto all good!

And the tremolo works which with these amps is an added bonus. I have the premier pedal here for it.

Thank you once again for a beautiful amp, promptly and safely delivered at a good price.

It has been introduced to its premier brothers I have here.

A 120
A 90 reverb
A 88 sewing machine model with extra extension speaker.

They’re all around the same age and they’re currently in my living room talking to each other and complaining about how in Australia its so hard to get breakfast in a diner at any time of the day.

They’re all getting ready to go to the beach though!

Thank you once again