Dear Mr. Wooley:

I have been a loyal customer of Sam Ash for about 44 years. I started a band in high school and almost every Saturday, my band members and I took a bus into NYC just to visit Sam Ash (and Manny’s) dreaming about the day we could buy equipment. As we grew successful, we always bought from Sam Ash, tens of thousands in PA equipment, instruments, 2 leslies and accessories. I bought my first Les Paul from your Paramus store in the early 80’s. I have also been in retail for 36 years, the majority as inventory control manager for 900 Toys R Us stores. I have dealt with thousands of customers.

The reason I am telling you all of this is in all the purchases we have made from Sam Ash and all the people I have dealt with in retail, I have never had someone go out of their way as much as Vatche did in your Paramus store for a $150 purchase. Without getting into all of the details, Vatche has been helping me for about 5 weeks now making sure I got the recording item I was looking for. He made sure I was aware of all the alternatives and that I would be happy with the item I chose. In the end, he had to get it from another store in another state, but I feel confident that he will follow up until I am completely satisfied.

I do not write letters often, but I was compelled to do so considering the high level of service he provided. I hope you have some sort of associate recognition, as Vatche certainly deserves it. I will continue to shop Sam Ash because of associates like Vatche