Dear Mr. Morello,

I am writing to express my satisfaction with a recent purchase from Sam Ash and to sing the praises of “Big Jim” in the guitar department.

I stopped in last week looking for a Fender Bassman 500 head. Jim greeted me as soon as I came in and offered his help. When I told him what I was looking for he checked inventory, discovered it was not in stock and offered to have one shipped from one of your stores in Florida. He placed the order for me and six days later I had the amp.

As thrilled as i am with the amp. the great service and personal attention provided by Big Jim made the experience even more pleasurable. Its great to know that in a world of online “deals” and shoddy service, the high standards shown by Jim and Sam Ash still exist.

Be assured that my future purchases will be from Sam Ash New Haven and Big Jim. Ive got my eye on a ’68 Twin Reverb and a Strat!