Dear Mr. Lee

I am writing to you today to recognize Ryan Kelly, your Pro Audi Manager for his exceptional customer service. I was in your King Of Prussia store looking at Yamaha keyboards for my son several weeks ago and was fortunate enough to be assisted by Ryan. I had a number of questions regarding which keyboard would work best for my son. I also had questions about how to integrate the keyboard with our Mac and GarageBand. Ryan spent nearly an hour with me answering all of my questions in great detail. It was evident that Ryan has a great passion for music and truly loves his job.

When I got home, I discovered that the keyboard did not come with an AC adapter. After speaking with Ryan, I was under the impression that the keyboard came with one but apparently did not. I called the store and Ryan apologized and said he would get me one at no charge. I expressed my sincere thanks and said I would come by to pick it up. Well a few days past and I hadn’t made it down to the store. Ryan called me several times to let me know it was there and ready to be picked up. He then offered to mail it to me and I was fine with that.

On Monday evening my doorbell rang and I thought it would be some door to door salesman. Sure enough, it was Ryan at my door with the adapter. I was absolutely blown away that he would go out of his way, on his own time, to drive the adapter out to my home in Malvern. Ryan is an exceptionally dedicated employee and is truly an asset to the Sam Ash organization. Please forward my sincere thanks on to Ryan as well as senior management. It is extremely rare in this day and age to come across someone who is as dedicated and committed to customer service as Ryan and he deserves to be commended.

Many Thanks,