Dear Mr. Jerry Ash,

I would like to let you know what an outstanding employee you have in Phil Charles-Pierre. I am the AED of Educational Services at Green Chimneys School and since the first time we decided to use Sam Ash to purchase some electronics, we have dealt with Phil. It has been through my Administrative Assistant, who has been interacting with Phil for the last 6 years, that we decided that his efforts should not go unnoticed. He has always interacted with us with a cheerful disposition and his outgoing personality. Phil has always demonstrated enthusiasm when helping us and always made sure that any of our special needs were met. This kind of service has made us come back over and over for all our electronic needs. He goes above and beyond every time and we greatly appreciate his service.
Too many times, companies are dealing with complaints from unsatisfied customers, but how often do satisfied customers take the time to express their satisfaction? Not too often I would assume. This is why we feel the need to make Sam Ash aware that it is through Phil that Green Chimneys School has purchased all their electronic needs and plan on continuing this relationship with Sam Ash.
Employees like Phil should be acknowledged and appreciated because they are the reason for your success.

Thank You,