Dear Mr. Cottone,

Last Thursday I visited your store for the first time. I was there to rent a Clarinet for my daughter for band this year. Justine who assisted me was exceptional. She explained my options for renting or purchasing a new Clarinet and I decided to purchase one. Your store turned out to be out of stock, she called a store who had 4 available. While she was on the phone I noticed how thorough she was. She wrote a note as she was talking and jotted down who she spoke to and the Sam Ash store number. I was also impressed with how pleasant and articulate she was and her knowledge of the instruments. I had asked if she could give my daughter a quick lesson how to assemble and care for her new instrument when we come back to pick it up. Justine was quick to say ” Of course , bring her in”.
The next day the Clarinet came in and we returned for the lesson and pick up. Justine did give her a quick lesson and did so happily and was very kind to my daughter. Congratulations to you for hiring such a Jem! It’s the little things sometimes that have the biggest impact. She clearly enjoys her job and seems like a leader to me.this is rare to find in someone so young. I hope that you value her worth with the company and hopefully share this letter with corporate.

Ps. I called yesterday to speak to you and the employee who answered suggested I write an email instead. She too was extremely pleasant and professional and gave me your email address.