Dear Mr. Colonna,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you and to your dedicated staff at Sam Ash in NYC.

Last month we were in a serious jam with a gig just hours away from starting and a DJ controller that had suddenly failed.

My support team called Sam Ash from all the way over in Buffalo, NY to explain our plight and ask if there was some way we could make a large emergency purchase of a new controller so the show that evening would not be a complete disaster.

Normally, it is against Sam Ash policy to deal with credit cards over the phone, especially for new clients that have never been to the store.  Your very dedicated team member, Cassius, really felt compassion for our situation and passed our phone call up to you to see if an exception was possible.  Thanks to his endorsement and your kindness, you not only agreed to make the transaction, but Cassius volunteered to DELIVER the new controller right to the event venue!

Talk about “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” — you guys really, REALLY saved the day!

Thank you Mr. Colonna!
Thank you Cassius!
Thank you Sam Ash for having such great people and customer service!

Best regards,