Dear Mr. Ash:

Hello, my name is Patricia and I am the Parent of an incoming 5th Grader who is trying out for band this upcoming Fall. I called one of your employees, Leslie Falkowski, Department Sales Manager for Sheet Music, Band and Orchestra.
Leslie was very friendly, courteous and exceptional on the Phone when I called to inquire about an ALTO E flat saxophone. I had many questions for Leslie regarding the differences with purchasing or renting either a used or new saxophone; I also inquired about purchasing Insurance and had a myriad of other questions for her. Leslie answered each question calmly, efficiently and was very knowledgeable of the Instrument and what my best options were; however, ultimately left it up to me to make the final decisions.

I especially liked when I brought my Son into the Store and Leslie took him through step by step how to assemble the instrument prior to playing it: and how to hold the instrument while he plays it. I wanted to convey to you the wonderful Employee you have for your company.
Thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter.