Dear Mr. Ash,

I would like to make you aware of the following experience with my local Sam Ash store (Store 02 in Huntington Station, NY), earlier this week.

Back in the late 80’s I had purchased a Takamine acoustic electric 12 string guitar. The 9-volt battery was hidden under the sound hole and required loosening all the access/change the battery, I wound up having this modified and was able to have a battery box installed on the side of the guitar, Forgetting about the battery that was installed and going into guitar hiatus once the wife and family came proved to be a costly mistake,

Coming out of hiatus recently, I discovered the battery had leaked and rendered my guitar unable to be plugged in an played “electrically”,

I took my guitar to 3 local guitar shops, all of which were closer to me then my local Sam Ash. However NONE of them were able to correctly diagnose the problem, none were willing to take on a modified job, and none could provide a cost effective solution to repair,

Fortunately I brought this guitar into my local Sam Ash a last resort and am very glad I did,

Thanks to the Guitar Tech there, John “JJ” James, was able to correctly diagnose the problem, repair it making an innovate modification of his own, and was also able to perform the work at a reasonable cost.

A well done job and much KUDOS to John for his excellent trouble-shooting, customer service, and literally thinking “outside the box”as to how to deal with older gear.

I have made sure to let John’s managers, John Heney and Jim Small, know that I am very appreciative and highly pleased with JJ’s work.

Being that management too often only hears criticism from customers, I wanted to make sure that a compliment go up to the top,

Next time I need guitar work done, I will drive a little further and go to Sam Ash as my first stop.