Dear Mr. Ash,

I wish to offer the highest praise for one of your employees in the Sam Ash Music store
in Glendale, Arizona. About two weeks ago, prior to the end of 2016,
after talking with Nick Staszak
on the phone about an issue of how to properly use the latest version of Garage Band in my Apple laptop computer with my UR 22 audio interface, and was unable to resolve the proper settings issue, I decided to go to the store and bring my laptop computer as well as my Steinberg USB Audio Interface device (UR 22) to get some tech support help.

We set up the UR 22, connected to my Apple MacBook computer and hooked up my lapel mikes to the UR 22 and Nick patiently demonstrated for me how to use the latest version of Garage Band with the proper settings to make a good recording. I had been mystified about the proper settings of this latest version of Garage Band (I had been using an earlier version), and he very clearly showed me the proper use to make a voice recording of an interview from my telephone.

Nick knows the true meaning of customer care and service and you should feel proud and privileged to have someone with his customer care and relation skills as a member of
your Pro Audio Team at Sam Ash Music in Glendale. It’s this kind of
tech support care which
builds tremendous good will for your store there in Glendale.