Dear Mr. Ash,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying this beautiful weather.
I am writing to share about my experiences with customer service at Sam Ash in Manhattan/34th Street.
My daughter, Lucia, is 13. She loves playing and learning the sax. She really wants to attend one of the high schools specializing in the arts. Laguardia or Frank Sinatra. However, the sax she had was not good. Used and very old. I bought it from a friend. Anyway, she needed a new one for these auditions that are coming up soon. We went to Sam Ash last month and had the good fortune to meet Zach Levenson and Ellen Goodman. Zach sold us a beautiful refurbished cannon ball alto sax. Ellen was instrumental in supporting us. As a single mom I knew I needed to be mindful of the cost. We left elated. Kind helpful people introduced us to a new instrument. The entire transaction was uplifting.
Last week Lucia stated that the sax ‘broke’. I had several communications with Zach. We decided to bring it back. I was preparing myself to have to fight for a ‘fair deal’. However, when I arrived at the store Ellen recognized me right away. She was empathic and very helpful.
She introduced me to Brandon Wilkins. He was awesome. He Listened and Expressed concern. And then offered solutions. We ended up buying a brand new cannon ball. Everyone is pleased and I had an efficient and kind customer service experience. A beautiful experience in this unusual national climate.
So thank you.
I will go back again and again.
I hope all three of them can be acknowledged in some way. They were amazing. Ellen shared that Sam Ash is a family owned business that values connection with its customers. So lovely.