Dear Mr. Ash,

My name is Shelayne F.  My husband and I were missionaries in India for 28 years. My husband’s fathers health was deteriorating so we returned back to U.S. so he could care for him until his passing 4 years later.

It’s a long story I won’t get into but we had to leave his trusted Yamaha guitar in India and gave it to a friend’s son who wanted to learn to play.

My grand daughter acquired a clarinet from your store that year and some months later it was in your shop for some minor repair. My husband and I went there to pick it up and my heart just melted when my husband picked up a guitar and started strumming.  I personally was mesmerized by all your guitars.  I decided then and there that I wanted to surprise him with one for Christmas.

In early December I called your store and spoke to a Mr. Daniel Moore in the guitar department.  I had noticed you had some used guitars when I was there earlier but he informed me that there no more at that point.  I asked him some questions regarding brands of nylon acoustic guitars. I’m sure I took up a lot of his time but he was very patient taking his time to explain things. I asked him if he would be in the store the next day and he responded that he comes in at 4pm but anyone could help me if I came in sooner.

I live about an hour away so the next day I drove to Raleigh and found some things to do until 4pm.  I went inside a bit before 4 and found another sale person came in asking if I needed help but I said I was waiting for Mr. Moore.  Another man came in and bit later another young man came in. Shortly thereafter Mr. Moore came in.  He saw the older man by the Ukuleles and went up to him and Mr. Moore answered all of his questions and then the man left.  The young man then jumped up to Mr. Moore and proceeded to ask him a lot of questions.  I am sure Mr. Moore hadn’t seen me as I was sitting in the small portion that was sectioned off. The young man was just so exurbanite as it seems his parents were gifting him a Ukulele for Christmas and he was there to get it all arranged, etc. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was next.  Again Mr. Moore was very patient and took his time with this young man.  After about 20 minutes the young man had what he wanted settled and left.  At that point I stood up and introduced myself.  Mr. Moore apologized profusely saying he hadn’t seen me, which I knew was true.

Well I got ahead of myself. Right after I arrived I started looking around and there on the stand was a beautiful looking used guitar. I took it off the mount and started strumming. I love the sound!  It was $100 more than I had planned to spend and I had never heard of a Takamine, so I said to Mr. Moore. I am considering this guitar which is more than I wanted to spend. Tell me why I should buy it and why I shouldn’t.  Talk me out of it if you can.  He too was so surprised that a used one had appeared since he left the night before. He strummed it and had to admit it had a beautiful sound but he pointed out it had a couple of dings on it.   He started showing me other new guitars of similar quality and lesser quality but in the end we both agreed the Takamine was the best sounding and so I bought it along with a wall mount to hang it. I would have loved to have one that sits on the floor but with a 2 year old Husky in our home, the wall seemed much safer!

Mr. Ash, I’m sorry this is so long but I felt it expedient you understand the history of my trip there and more importantly the valuable sales person you have in Mr. Moore.    I saw him first hand help two other people before he helped me. He gives you his total attention, he goes out of his way to offer advice and is very patient.  He is a valuable asset to your Raleigh store!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write. I was raving about Mr. Moore’s service at the check out counter and the woman there said I should write you and gave me your email address on a card which I promptly misplaced and just now found. Before I misplace it again I decided to write.

Thank you for listening and I hope you see to it that Mr. Moore gets the credit he deserves.