Dear Mr. Ash

I’m the CEO of a $45M/year instrument company selling control and monitoring equipment to the process industry. We are gigantic in customer service, probably the result of me working in my dad’s deli when I was a kid and having him hammer courtesy and decorum in my head.

You have an employee in your Tampa, Florida Sam Ash direct department named Nick Bernyk. I would like to single Nick out for outstanding service. I ordered a Nord Electro 5D 73 from your e bay web site and you shipped me a Nord Electro 5D 61, 12 keys short of what I needed.

I called Tampa and got Nick on the phone. He immediately checked stock, found none in Tampa, and then checked stock nationwide and found one in LA. He arranged for them to ship me that unit overnight and then sent me a FedEx shipping label to get the original unit back to you.

Nick called me at least three times to verify information and make sure I understood everything. He also split the transaction so I paid for the Nord from LA on my credit card and I would get credit for that amount the minute you put the wrong unit back in inventory.

If I could hire this young man I would. He should be an example to everyone working customer service at Sam Ash how to treat your customers. In this age of voicemail and terrible manners from most retailers Nick was a breath of fresh air.