Dear Luis,

I just wanted to send you an email to sincerely thank you for all of your help. It was definitely a shock to me when I found out a brand new guitar I ordered from a year and change ago had an issue with one of he pickups. I was scared that it would be too late, but I remembered that this was Sam Ash that we are dealing with. You took over, and I knew I was dealing with a great manager.

John, who helped me on Friday, and Davie Phelps who helped me today did a great job as well. They talked to me with respect, and I can see their passion for music, etc. shine through. Seeing Dana was also a pleasure. But you, Luis, you came through for me! I like that you were friendly and got me to a solution, which was to return the guitar to get an upgraded guitar. I’ll tell you right now that I can see myself falling in love with this 1993 Fender Stratocaster American Standard Plus. Due to your leadership decision making, ability to acknowledge the customer’s concern(s), and your ability to find a suitable solution that is good for both the customer and Sam Ash, I will forever be a fan of store. I remember buying my first Ibanez guitar when I was in high school from the Sam Ash near Kings Plaza Mall, and I will continue to buy from Sam Ash, due to people like you! They need to promote you to a higher position, so you can use your great leadership skills to bring that special something to the customer experience. Thank you again, my friend.