Dear Ian,

I am writing to let you know how much I love and appreciate Geo. I cannot express enough to you just how helpful, knowledgeable, inspiring, friendly and trustworthy he is and how invaluable I personally think he is to my purchases and, dare I say, to your store. The right salesperson DOES make the difference. At least to me. He keeps me coming back. Not just the deals. I can get a decent deal from GC, and have been forced to in the past, as you know. But it honestly broke my heart when I had to buy that Neve 1073N from GC. I felt like I lost, because I couldn’t do business with Geo. Regardless of whether or not you value my business, I value yours. I value the goodwill the three of us have built up over the years. I value the inspiration I get from my brand new Les Paul Standard, and all my other pieces of gear that I purchased through Geo, with your blessing.  Geo is THE MAN. And so are YOU.

Thank you!