Dear Christian,

As a longtime customer of Sam Ash, I want to thank you for your fine store, and for the help you have been in serving my needs as a customer.

Also, I want to particularly point out an outstanding member of your sales staff, Anthony Delgado! Anthony has been very, very helpful to me over the years through his effort to be of outstanding service to me as a loyal Sam Ash customer.

He has, on more than one occasion, “gone the extra mile” in providing outstanding customer service. Anthony even voluntarily provided help and assistance on his days off, to track missing orders or to untangle confusion in ordering caused by various factors beyond his control. Also, Anthony has been extremely helpful in dealing with returns or trade-ins… that kind of customer service is to be commended!

Anthony has a very good attitude that makes one feel like he really cares about you as a customer. He also demonstrates a very good understanding of the instruments or equipment that I have purchased, or am interested in purchasing, and he provides useful insight and information regarding my questions about various instruments or equipment.

Additionally, Anthony demonstrates an excellent understanding of the computer and finance systems used in completing some difficult transactions he has had to deal with for a number of my purchases, again he is to be commended for this.

Thank you again!