To Whom it may concern,

Today I took my family to the Ontario Mills mall in Ontario,CA to shop for school clothes. When we were finished, our last stop was at Sam Ash to buy my daughter new reeds and a book for her clarinet. After we were finished, we took the kids to the drum room. When we were leaving, we walked out the door and realized my daughter left her bag in the drum room. When my wife and daughter returned, they discovered the bag was missing. She asked if anyone had seen the bag, and she was referred to Chris Seifert. Chris went in the back and looked at the security tapes. Then a few minutes later, him and 2 other employees went into the mall to search for this individual. 20 minutes later, they returned with not only our stolen bag, but had the individual as well. Chris contacted the local police, and assisted us and the police with turning over this individual to the authorities. They were extremely courteous, and helpful every step of the way.

I have never in my life encountered a manager go so far out of his way to help out a customer. But to take the steps he did, to help me retrieve my 10 yr old daughters things is beyond any words imaginable. Please take the time to recognize Mr Seifert, and the rest of the staff at the Ontario store. They have not only earned my business for many years to come, they have earned my thanks and trust inexplicably. I don’t know of any better way to return my thanks to Mr. Seifert than to notify the corporate Headquarters of his courageous actions and dedication to his customers.

Thank You sincerely,
From myself, my family, and above all, my 10 year old who’s day could not have been saved any better. Thank You.