To Whom It May Concern:

I am a musician, specifically a guitar player and singer. My 12 year old son, Kyle is a guitar player, too. I have purchased a Taylor GS mini and an American Stratocaster at your store. I have had excellent service each and every time I have walked in. Every employee is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Recently, I decided to let my son play my 1964 Gibson ES330. It is a beautiful guitar that I have taken very good care of. I heard a small buzz and thought it would be nice to get it tuned up. This guitar had not been played for more than a decade and I had no idea what I was getting into.

My musician friends told me that I should take my guitar to McCabe’s in Santa Monica, that there was a technician trustworthy to work on vintage guitars. When I went there, he was not available. Another employee told me that he would not trust a vintage guitar to ANYONE except Bob Fredrickson at the Canoga Park Sam Ash. He said it was worth the drive to the valley. I laughed to myself, since this is my music store.

I met Bob “the Guru” Fredrickson and like him immediately. His genuine happy personality and love for what he does is quite apparent. He was thrilled to play the beautiful red, hollow body and boy, can he play! I could listen to him all day. His stories about his playing days and all the people he knows should be written in a book. I brought the guitar in on a Saturday and it was ready on Tuesday.

The care and expertise Bob used on my guitar is unsurpassed. He played some riffs and explained what adjustments he made. He made me some string recommendations and told me he had enjoyed playing the 1964 beauty. I can understand why he comes so highly recommended. I will put the word out that Bob Fredrickson is THE guitar technician. And more. Period.