To whom it may concern,

‘Sam Ash’ has become my gateway to stuff that’s not easily available at my local music store.
To order such articles locally can often be a time-consuming ordeal. The shop places the order
with their importing agent – which in his turn may have to contact the manufacturer …

Despite the fact that I live 3.700 miles away, ‘Sam Ash’ has shown to be able to have the goods
delivered at my front door in a matter of days – and that to a reasonable cost too.

Recently I wanted to purchase a few items from a major vendor’s webshop, but that one was for
people living inside the US only, so I wasn’t allowed to place my order. An e-mail request to the
company in question brought the case no further. I was simply told to find any music store carrying
their brand and let that store handle the order. Not very impressive, if I might say!

Finally I e-mailed Mr. Allan Radin at ‘Sam Ash’ asking for his help, and Mr. Radin came to my rescue!

None of my wanted items were in stock, but he ordered them in, had them repacked and
then shipped to my home address without further delay. A next time he will be my first choice,
that’s for sure!

Thank you Allan and ‘Sam Ash’ for excellent service!