To whom it may concern,

On April 2014 I visited your Ontario Mills location in California to check out some drum hardware. I wasn’t planning on spending too much, maybe $80-100 or so. As I walked around the drum dept. I got assisted by associate named Mike Associate # MC8624. He sparked conversation and got me looking at some used drums I got interested in. Again I wasn’t planning on buying anything fancy especially a drum kit but Mike somehow managed to get me interested in one particular kit. I then considered adding that kit to my set of drum kits I own, given the asking price was well reasonable. I asked about putting that kit on layaway but he explained to me your policy on used items. After 30 minutes talking I then told Mike I was going to give it another day or so to consider. I walked out of the store without the drums but seriously considering getting them. I called Mike a few days later and made arrangements to go pickup the kit. I insisted he sell me the kit as I wanted to give him credit for his hard work.

To make a long story short Mike went in the store on his DAY OFF to meet me (since I drove from San Diego CA) and checked me out with the set. He took care of me and even fulfilled my special request for a drum head. He made my experience hassle-free and extremely comfortable. He went above and beyond what was expected from him. I have shopped at Guitar Center many times before but have always walked out missing “that special service”. As you may well know competition is fierce but the way I, like many I know rather go to someone that listens to our ‘needs and wants’ than someone who wants to sell us what he considers hot stuff or what’s appropriate for some. I plan to take my business to that location when I am in the area.

Being in retail sales for a long time and now running a wireless retail store has taught me that we are at a consumer driven era so excellent customer service is an absolute must. Mike proved he has those skills. I would like to congratulate him and your organization for his service.