To whom it may concern:

My name is Anthony D. Recently, I visited your Sam Ash store in Tampa, FL, to buy a Yamaha drum set that I had tested out while I was in the store previously. Since the set I had originally tested out was no longer available, I had to purchase another model that was the next size up.
However, when I returned home, I realized that the cymbals were of a different size. I made a few calls to Yamaha, but could not get anywhere with them. Arising from this, I returned to the store and explained my dilemma to Travis Powers.
To cut a long story short, Travis Powers and Danny, the Drum Manager, went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve my problem with the cymbals. It’s employees such as Travis and Danny who make it worthwhile being a customer of Sam Ash instead of the Guitar Center that’s located just down the street.
Kudos to such personnel who render such sterling customer service!

Sam Ash’s customer for life,