To whom it may concern

Hello! My name is Alice. I am currently eleven years old. I’m a student at South Woods Middle School. In my computer class, we a re typing a complimentary letter to a company.

Thank you for supplying a NYSSMA manual and NYSSMA music for all musicians who come to your stores. Instead of buying a NYSSMA manual every three years, we can just go to your store. It has also been very convenient to buy separate pieces of music for NYSSMA instead of buying a huge, thick, and heavy book filled with other pieces of music that you might never use. You also supply musicians with a wide and varied selection of music for a wide range of instruments. The type of music you supply also varies.

The instruments that you sell are also of great quality, The prices are also very reasonable. When you are choosing an instrument, you allow the customer to try it out to see if it suits the customer. This service you give to the customers is very convenient.

The customer service that you have is great. I have personally had no trouble searching for what I wanted when I asked a worker. The attitude the workers have towards customers is very pleasant. Recommendations that come from your workers work to what you want and what quality you want.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope that you will reply to my letter.