To whom it may concern,

It is late and details aren’t necessary… suffice to say, Chris Konys
helped me today. I am a professional musician and Chris listened to my
problem and my circumstances, analyzed his options and proceeded to
solve my problem. He went above and beyond to do so. This I know.

I had a 30 year career in sales management before music as a VP of
sales and marketing for two different companies. I have hired and
trained dozens of managers. As a management professional I can tell
you with absolute certainty that Chris Konys will always conduct
himself in a manner that is in line with your corporate objectives
while handling people with respect and showing his sincerity in
satisfying yours and his customers.

I commend him and Sam Ash for enabling Chris to solve my problem today
as it is not only Chris’ desire to help me but the flexibility of your
systems that made it possible.

He and Sam Ash now have me as a Customer For Life which was always my
goal when I was in management for whatever firm I was with.

Please make him aware of my admiration for his management abilities.