Chris, Steve,

I was pleasantly surprised by how professional, informative and attentive Ben Perman was a few weeks ago when I called from San Diego asking about a Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335 that your store had for sale. This was a first for me, buying something from across the country without seeing much less playing the guitar. When I initially called and spoke to him he was very eager to help and to find out how this could be done. He went well out of his way to find what needed to be done and then called me back explaining the process. He also provided me detailed pictures as I had requested.

The guitar came in last Saturday just as Ben had described, it’s a keeper and I am glad I was able to work this purchase with his profession assistance.

I just wanted to bring to your attention on how easy and painless this whole experience was. It’s people like Ben that keep us guitar guys going back you Sam Ash over your competitors.