Hello, how are you? I’m not sure if I’m contacting the right area, if I’m not please forward this message to the proper department. I’m just writing to commend a store, and their employees, particularly Tommy Perrotta the guitar department manager of your Huntington, NY location. I’ve made several small purchases at this location, and last night I picked up my Ibanez PF acoustic guitar which I ordered directly from your website. I dealt directly with Tommy last night when I went to pick it up. This employee (and the others I’ve dealt with, I don’t recall their names) should be commended, they truly embody the words “Customer service” and “professional”. Every employee in this location, whether behind a counter or in passing greet you with a “hello” and are eager to help. It’s employees like this that make people want to come back and continue doing business with a particular company/location. Thank you for your time.