Just a compliment!

I have been taking ukulele lessons at the store located on Lee Road in Orlando. I have had nearly 50 1-hour lessons since January, and I drive almost every week to get there. I live 60 miles away. So if you do the Math, I have spent about $2700 dollars for my lessons themselves and driven (&bought gas for) about 6000 miles & given up about 4 hours for each of those days counting driving time –which is about 200 hours. I work full time, but I don’t make a lot of money. I wanted to learn ukulele to be able to play simple kids songs for my job working with kids. No one requires me to do this, it was my own idea. So why in the world am I doing this? Why do I have 4 more lessons scheduled in January?

Very simple–I am getting fabulous lessons and loving every minute of it! My teacher, David, is an amazing teacher. When I started the classes I knew 3 chords and could play some simple children’s songs. Now David is teaching me how to read music, learn the notes & rhythms no play melodies. Because of these lessons, I am no longer limiting myself to playing children’s songs on the job (although the kids are loving it). Now I am playing for myself, playing Eric Clapton and other classic rock & jazz & other oldies such as “What a Wonderful World”, which I am currently working on. I am learning the chords for it and then going back and learning the melody! Anyway, I have Sam Ash in Orlando, my teacher David & a lot of other nice people I’ve gotten to know there (Nicole, Wally, Chris, Aaron & others) to thank for opening a whole new musical world to someone who has never had much in the way of musical talent or skills.

I just thought you might want to know!