I would like to send a review of my most recent purchase of a guitar at the Lee Road store in Winter Park, FL. I have known Wallie for a long time (about 8 years) as a customer.

My wife has been taking uke lessons at this store and I wanted a Fender Strat with a maple fretboard. I came in with my wife’s lessons each Sunday. I would play, look, and drool over the guitars and I could not make it work with the right guitar or financially. Finally two weeks ago with the sale and 36 month financing, I found my guitar with Wallie’s help. He knows that I am visually impaired and I am not the best player, but he is always encouraging and giving me free advice. He looked in the back and on the floor to help me find my 2015 American Standard guitar. He let me try many models with other pickups or woods and advised me on what the differences were. I was there about three hours. I played and he was patient since you cannot rush this type of purchase. I am a loyal SA customer thanks to Wallie. He is the only staff member in the guitar department I want to deal with.

Do what you can to keep him since he is a knowledgeable person and a good man to boot. I don’t usually take the time to write these types of thank you notes, but in this case I felt compelled to. Thank you Wallie and the SA store in Winter Park.