I Bought an excellent New  Ibanez 5 string Bass Guitar from Sam Ash in New Haven and met an awesome Store Manager Bill that really cares about you and wants you to be satisfied with your Purchase! Great deals and friendly service.., I will be back , Thank You William Morello!

And Back I went again to Sam Ash in New Haven to find a Beat Buddy Drum Machine. Not only did they find one  ( which is a Task ) but I had it in my Hands and Home in just a few Days, weekend included! William Morello store manager and John Taubl III associate made sure I was greeted and given help the minute I walked in their door!

Other music shops need to function like this Store and its Employees do.., the Service is Second to None and their Commitment to their Customer shows in the way you are treated and taken care of let alone by by their Prices and the Quality of their Products which also puts them above their competitors!

Thanks Again & Yes.., I will be Back!