Hello Michael. I would like to say that your employee, Colin, is a fantastic asset to Sam Ash! He answered all my questions in a professional manner, provided valuable information about the products I was asking about, brought down drumsets so I could play them and see the conditions they were in, and was friendly and courteous at all times.

I hope you and Sam Ash’s management team appreciate how important and rare an employee like Colin is to your store. Because of him, and you, too, I will continue to buy my equipment at Sam Ash.

There was also another employee, a tall thin young man with a goatee, I believe, who sold me the double Pearl drum pedal. He was great, too.

The Pearl Pro DX sounds incredible! A little beat up, but so am I. LOL.  Colin provided me with the name of a metal cleaner and the first drum I cleaned shines like its brand knew!

Thank you. See you all soon!