I am a small business owner and a part-time drummer. I have a son who plays guitar (and clarinet and trumpet for a short time) and a daughter that plays the violin.

I have been a customer of the Sam Ash store in Atlanta for about 8 years where I have purchased drums and drum equipment, guitar equipment, a trumpet, a clarinet, violin supplies and most recently recording equipment.

Every time I go to Sam Ash, I am so happy that there is a store that has knowledgeable and helpful people. I have worked with people in pretty much every department and have always encountered excellent service and wonderful people.

I am not a “gear head” and do not have the time or the desire to research products prior to making every purchase. It is a pleasure to go somewhere and explain my needs and have someone guide me to the right product with my best interest in mind.

Recently, I purchased some recording gear and have been back a few times with questions. The folks at Sam Ash have been really patient and helped me with all my issues.

A few people that have been really helpful are Cheney Brannon, David Dill and Ethan Jones in the recording area, Jerry in repairs and Mike in drums. There are others as well in the band and guitar areas that have been great as well.

Of special note is the store manager, Steve Blacker, who has always made sure that I have had a great experience.

Too many people think that you can just go online and find the best price and end up with the best product. This thinking assumes that musical instruments and gear are commodities and they are not.

I grew up in Brooklyn so I have always been a Sam Ash fan.

Thank you for having a wonderful store in Atlanta with such great people.