Had a great experience at the Clearwater, Fl. store on McMullen Booth Rd. today.

There was a very responsive, energetic young man who came from his regular area into the area for rack mounting equipment. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish, then set to work actually building the custom rack I wanted to build…making valuable suggestions along the way.

He even went the extra mile by grabbing the comparable components to the ones I currently own and intend to use in the rack, just to measure for accuracy whether any adjustments needed to be made.

Honestly, there are not a handful of music stores or personnel who will actually go that extra mile for the client. I walked out with the travel rack all ready for mounting my components….done!

Your store has TONY SCALAMOGNA, and he will be by “go-to” guy from now on.

Please let Tony know how deeply I appreciated his excellent service!!