Mr. Ash….Sammy! I have never been so proud of an instrument as I am of this guitar! I know it will be my new best friend for many years to come! It’s BEAUTIFUL!
As I entered your store, at Rivergate, in Madison TN, I stopped to check in at the counter. A man came up to me..whom I have never met, and said, you must be Chris Williams! I’m Nick! The manager. He wanted to shake my hand and tell me I had received a beautiful Hummingbird! He made me feel like a rock star! As I received the new guitar, out of the factory box, your staff was as excited I was with the guitar! I can’t say enough about your store, you, and your staff! I felt that in the past, but, it was proved to me today!
My next adventure, will be to add the accessories! You have a store full of what I want to play, record, and complement my love for music!
I can guarantee you Sam Ash will be MY store! I can only say Great things about Sam Ash on my media! Please let your staff know, their caring, customer service did not go unnoticed!
Fondest Regards,