Thanx, Freddy, for the postings & updates, and basically, just your letting me know you give a hoot about the people you sell to. That is not so common anymore, as I’m sure you well know.

And yes, I enjoyed our conversation & you also straightened me out on why you have the shipping policies that you do, and why they now have to be so rigid. You just don’t know who, or where now, you can trust anyone ? It’s really sad that the cons & thieves have to ruin it for everyone else !

I’ve been a recovering alcoholic for quite awhile now, and one of the first things you have to get, after realizing that you are powerless over alcohol, or drugs, or both, is that you have to be honest w/ yourself, first & foremost ! Once you live that, you can’t go back to the ‘old ways’ of lying & manipulating, etc. to get over on people and stay sober !

But I can thank my folks & those Parochial School Nuns for that honesty !!! lol And they were Sisters of Mercy, in title at least ! lol

Ah, it was good talking to you, Freddy. And I do appreciate all you have done. I wish I had YOUR bosses’ name & email or phone # as I would gladly put a good word in for you; you deserve it !!!

Have a great weekend, Freddy !