A brief note to express my sincere appreciation for a quality product at what I have come to find out is an awesome price, and exceptional customer service and follow up from Mike Abbate.

For years I have been lugging around my drum hardware, cymbal stands, pedals, connecting hardware, etc., and was in the area of a competitors store and went in to check out their drum hardware bags. I was shown a short bag without wheels for about the same price of the Kaces 46” bag with wheels I purchased on line from Sam Ash. Buying on-line without seeing a product can sometimes be a gamble but when I received the bag I was extremely pleased with the quality and the size of the bag, plenty of room with much to spare for 4 cymbal stands, hi-hat, floor tom legs and tons of other hardware. I believe the bag I purchased from Sam Ash was similar to the one the competitors sales associate recommended to me but he did not have in stock to show and was almost twice the price.

As if I was not blown away enough after receiving this quality bag just a few days after ordering it on-line with free shipping, only an hour after having received the bag at my door via FedEx I received a call from Mike Abbate of Sam Ash to find out if I was satisfied with my order…what awesome customer service. Mike was very helpful, pleasant and made me feels as if my small on line purchase really mattered to Sam Ash, I am now convinced it does.

Thanks for an awesome on-line purchase experience, a great product at a fair price and exceptional customer service from Mike Abbate.