I’m no big player or superstar, but I have been involved with music here locally since the late 80’s. I’ve shopped at Paragon Music and Thoroughbred when they were in Tampa back in the day, and since T-Bred took over the Kapok prior to Sam Ash.

With all that time in the stores in mind I wanted to recognize two of your employees who were very helpful to me and felt they deserved your recognition also. Ean and Tony in the Recording section. They were both very courteous, friendly and professional. Tony worked with me through the issues that occurred with my recent purchase of studio monitors, making things right and not once displaying attitude whenever I spoke with him, and Ean for finalizing things during Tony’s absence without question or undue delay.
These guys make me want to come back because I know I will get good service. Please give them both a pat on the back for a job well done.

Best Regards,