My name is Mario B., I’m from Argentina, I was in your store making purchasing instruments, I was attended by Mr Diego sector guitars and basses, which we still care excellence, in terms of the willingness to make the tests that all purchases of this nature requires, we were served with professionalism, where we felt very comfortable throughout which allowed to make a selection that at all times we were satisfied in all and each one of our requirements, they evacuated us doubts, in that operation had to make some moves such as two acquired basses change and then they changed one, which was is by Diego, prior phone call on our part with total clarity and honesty, since not are we added no charge, when it was up since the first two low, were not available in the stock of your shop, the change was made I repeat without any inconvenience personally, or finance charge. By our lack of definition had to again request a change, return the bass and lead the first two that we had bought, that situation to us, put us very uncomfortable, but when we talk to Diego, like the first time it met in the same sense, while it was their day of rest, which shows the dedication to work, while we do not have their presence could make the change we proposed and in the same way that the first time. This is a brief description of what we had to live with Diego, but it is not brief is the appreciation that through this we want to you to get to the and all those who make up this prestigious company, which is not the first time that we buy, the attention was always very good, but this time the truth is that the human element that we attended mainly Diego, is of a quality that does not Diego, is a quality that it is not easy to achieve in the times that we are living; our satisfaction is so great that we can not fail to mention it, why we chose this way to make yourself the receiver and emitter of our appreciation, the said person. We are sure that with people like Diego, things to your company it must facilitate them, we express our satisfaction, take the opportunity to convey a cordial and affectionate greeting.